The Homeowner’s Vacuuming Almanac

We know, we know, the last thing you want to be reading about is vacuuming. In fact, it is quite possible that you have begged, pleaded, and even threatened your family to help you stay on top of it. No matter how challenging it is, here are just a few reasons you should be fighting the good fight and vacuuming at least twice a week.

1. It Keeps Your Carpet Prettier, Longer.

Carpets do not usually wear out like our clothes; they get dirty, dingy, and downright ugly instead. This happens because regular foot traffic, along with accumulated dirt and grime, creates friction and eats away at the fibers of your carpet. Over time, this friction dulls the shine, softness, and color in your carpet. Regular vacuuming removes this grime and keeps your carpet looking beautiful.

2. Dust Mites Are Gross!

Regular vacuuming does way more than improve the longevity of your carpet; it also removes many truly disgusting household pests and irritants. These include pet and human dander and hair, dirt, dust, pollen, and even dust mites and other bugs. Vacuuming can cut down on allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems, but make sure you do it regularly for it to be most effective.

3. Your Family Is Causing the Problem.

We serve properties in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming, often in rural areas or occupied by people with busy families. If you have pets, live in the country, experience a lot of dust buildup, have indoor pets, entertain often, or have many teens and kids running around your house, then vacuuming your carpet regularly is a must! Trust us, that wear and tear really takes a toll.
Along with your vacuuming regimen, make sure you get your carpets professionally cleaned and spot treated at least once a year. From all of us at Rainbow International of Northern Colorado, keep up the good work!