Rainbow International of Northern Colorado Techs Are Certified Goldmorr Master Technicians

RMS-130404-2886-EditGoldmorr Master Technicians are highly trained individuals who will do everything they can to identify and solve your mold problems. Rainbow International of Northern Colorado is the ONLY Certified Goldmorr mold removal company in Northern Colorado.


Concern about mold growth has increased as homes, schools and business owners have become better educated about the health risks of excessive mold exposure. These health risks, as identified by the Environmental Protection Agency, can range from allergic reaction, asthma or even worse.

By the time visible mold staining in an area is noticed, it is not unusual that the mold spores have already contaminated many other areas and/or levels of the property. This means it is not effective to simply limit the treated areas to those only adjacent to the visible mold. Although this is usually done to limit remediation costs, it is not in keeping with true industry standards. We believe in treating the mold problem, not just the mold symptoms. Therefore, your entire property will be treated for mold spores, both airborne and non-airborne.

Why Can’t I Just Clean It Myself?

Home and business owners can often underestimate the severity of mold in their structures and the degree of difficulty involved in mold removal. Simply cleaning with bleach and water will not kill it. Proper mold remediation requires mold be removed carefully and correctly to eliminate the spread of mold spores to other rooms. Mold remediation is best performed by mold clean up professionals that understand the required processes and procedures needed for proper mold removal.

Our trained experts will come to you with the equipment, technology, and established processes needed to identify mold problems where they exist, clean, and restore the environment, while taking measures to prevent the problem from reoccurring — complete mold remediation.

Many Times We Are Able to Treat Mold Without Removing Drywall-Saving You $$$

Our proprietary system quickly and effectively removes both the mold staining as well as the Hyphae (root system) from drywall. For mold inside a cavity, our Goldmorr foam injection/extraction system allows for significant reduction in the need for drywall removal except in cases where the substrate is degraded or has lost structural integrity.

Advantages of Goldmorr Mold Removal System:

  • Reduces the need for content removal.
  • Reduces the need for client relocation,
  • Routinely achieves the lowest post remediation mold spore counts ever seen.
  • Treats the entire structure to ensure maximum, effectiveness—the entire building is the containment.
  • Airborne spore control
  • Fogger mechanically scrubs the air to effectively eliminate mold spores and mold toxins throughout the entire structure.
  • Products are classified as a non-skin irritant product.
  • Biodegradability described as “rapid and excellent biodegradability” with 95% degradation.


Get a Free Estimate To Clean Up Your Mold

If you suspect you have a mold issue, why not call the professionals at Rainbow International today and setup a free on-site consultation. Our mold clean up professionals can inspect your environment and provide you with a mold removal estimate.

Alissa Pene

Pete and his crew were quick to respond and quick to clean out and set up fans. They were clear in their explanations and answered our many questions with patience. We are confident that his work was done correctly and completely. Overall we have been very pleased! Thank you!

John K. Stultz

Your employee worked very hard on a very dirty hard traffic area. I would give him an A+. Thank you.

Rita Merk

Thank you for prompt service.

Lawyers West, Ltd

Professional and courteous staff. Carpeting looks great!

Ruth Scherer

Just wanted to thank you again for the attention you gave to trying to remedy my mom's couch damage and subsequently the couch replacement. We greatly appreciate your fantastic customer service.

Loretta Hutchens

Steve is always great to work with. He is always pleasant and flexible. I will recommend to anyone who needs this service.

Patty Homolka

Highly recommend Pete and Andrew. Very professional, easy to work with. Great attitudes. Made a bad situation--tolerable. Wonderful communication. Kept informed of what they were doing, why and when they would come or leave. Very hard workers. Would use them again, just pray we don't have too.

Walter Bjorneby

Very experienced (Pete)! Very industrious, positive attitude, very careful. all in all a most excellent job done quickly.

South Shields Dental

Carpet came out better than I ever thought it could.

Peak Property

Given the many facets of the repair to several units, they were prompt, courteous and professional.

Walter Bjorneby

Lt/Col USAF (Ret)

The following was sent to the clients' insurance carrier: We are writing to you in praise of the work done by Rainbow International of Fort Collins, Colorado, in remediating the damage in our basement. Mr. Pete Schultze and his assistant, Andrew Martin, did a wonderful job. They worked skillfully, industriously and speedily with a minimum of interruption to us. They took great pains to see that everything possible was preserved. The task was completed to our full satisfaction. Mr Schultze is manifestly an expert in remediation work. I strongly and unhesitatingly recommend their services to anyone in need of their skills.