Clean Conscience and Cleaner Carpets: Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning From Rainbow International of Northern Colorado.

Many homeowners rack their brains as they face a challenging ethical dilemma, “How do I get something clean, and yet still keep my home safe for my kids, pets, and the environment?” The answer is hot water extraction carpet cleaning from Rainbow International. Not only will your clean carpets wow all of your friends when they come to your spring parties and summer BBQs, you can also rest easy knowing the process is safe, eco-friendly, and improves the life of your carpet.

Why You Should Add Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning to Your Cleaning Regimen.

If it is bright and sunny outside but your carpet is still hanging onto the dingy grey gloom of winter, it is time to get it cleaned. Per many carpet manufacturers, regular hot water extraction carpet cleaning is also required to maintain the warranty on most carpets.
Unlike many other treatments, which just apply a dry chemical shampoo, we go above and beyond. Rainbow’s hot water extraction applies an alkaline pre-treatment to increase cleaning power, works it into the carpet, and then rinses it out with a highly heated acidic rinse, sucking the water and dirt back into the tank.

This process keeps your carpet cleaner for longer as using the acidic rinse returns your carpet fibers back to a neutral pH, preventing dirt from sticking into the fibers in the future. This gets deep down and removes all unwanted dirt, so you can wave good-bye to the gunk as our trucks drive away.

Call Rainbow International of Northern Colorado now, and set up your Fort Collins carpet cleaning before our schedule fills up. And be sure to have a happy and colorful summer!