Keep Our Firefighters Safe This 4th of July

Looking at our past causes us to consider those who enabled us to arrive (and remain) where we are today. With the Fourth of July right around the corner, we not only remember the early heroes who fought for our freedom and rights, but we also honor the silent men and women who face danger every day to provide us with a safe present and future. Often without our knowing it, firefighters and other servicemen have made the world a safer place, and, like our early fathers, they risk their independence to ensure ours.

As a tribute to these brave men and women, we’d like to share some things that you probably didn’t know about firefighters:

  1. They are human, too.

Some of us have a superhero conception of firefighters who barrel into blazing fires and jump back out unscathed, but the truth is, the constant stress of survival wears on their physical bodies. Not only do they experience intestinal issues due to fight-or-flight hormones suppressing their digestive systems, but they also endure muscular and skeletal pain from intense adrenaline reactions, even when no injuries exist. As EMTs, they encounter contagious diseases on a regular basis, and over periods of time, firefighters are several times more likely to contract various kinds of cancer due to smoke inhalation and skin absorption.

  1. They emotionally react to trauma.

No firefighter likes to receive a call about a five-car pile-up on the freeway. Medical emergencies weigh on them physically and emotionally, and they often experience psychological repercussions, especially difficulty sleeping.

  1. They need exercise and lots of water.

While most of society realizes they should exercise, for firefighters it is absolutely crucial in order to burn off extra adrenaline. Without that stress release, firefighters cannot calm down. Foot massages and water also help them relax.

The above points barely skim the surface of everything firefighters face daily. This 4th of July, how about helping them out for a change? Keep them safe by taking extra strict precautions with fireworks and barbecues. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher nearby and ready at all times, and clear all fire-pit areas of hazards.

If you do experience smoke or fire damage this upcoming holiday, call Rainbow International Restoration once the firefighters have done their jobs; then we’ll do ours. You can visit our website for more information about our Fort Collins fire damage cleanup. 


In’s & Out’s of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Sometimes the simplest fixes in life are the ones right under our noses. Take allergies or asthma, for instance. Instead of investing thousands of dollars on fancy breathing equipment, you could alleviate the problem by hiring a professional carpet cleaner to maintain your home every year.

Why Hire a Professional?

According to the American Lung Association, carpets and rugs harbor major dust accumulations which can create discomfort for people sensitive to such allergens. Other pollutants housed by carpets include lead, cockroach allergens, pet dander, dirt, dust mite fragments, mold, and even toxic airborne gases.

Vacuuming your carpet in an attempt to keep your home clean often makes matters worse as it stirs up particles trapped underneath and within your carpet. Professional carpet cleaners, on the other hand, remove these bacteria by using special shampoos and high-powered appliances.

Methods of Professional Carpet Cleaning


  1. Carpet shampooing:  This original method involves circular scrubbing and elbow grease with strong shampoos to remove soil from tightly-woven carpets
  1. Steam cleaning: Gradually replacing carpet shampooing as the method of choice, this hot water extraction method blasts boiling water into the carpet to loosen and simultaneously slough off dirt, bacteria, odors, dust mites, and moisture.
  1. Carpet dry cleaning: As its name entails, carpet dry cleaning uses no water but instead applies absorbent powder to break up the soil, which then gets sucked up through a commercial vacuum cleaner.
  1. Bonnet cleaning: Similar to dry-cleaning, the bonnet method runs a mist of cleaning product over the carpet, buffering the soil in rotating circles until the first layer of dirt washes away. However, this is generally a temporary solution, so opt for this method in between deeper cleanings.

When choosing your Northern Colorado professional cleaning services, call Rainbow International’s carpet care expert in Laramie. Our carpet cleaning company in Northern Colorado is sure to meet your needs, so contact us today (

Removing Soot’s Footprint from Your Home

When fire scorches a building, it really leaves its mark. Homeowners who have faced one will indelibly recall the crackling sound of flames blazing through objects in a trail of heat. Unfortunately, those memories aren’t something you can wipe clean, but some fire damage to your home can be erased.

In an ideal situation, brave men and women of the nearest fire department arrive on scene before the whole house bursts into flames. That means there are generally a few rooms left with less destruction. While smoke damage certainly lingers, either visibly or invisibly, there are ways to remove the stench.

First Things First

 To begin with, you’ll want to contact your insurance company and/or landlord. Getting the paperwork started as soon as possible will save you headaches down the road, and you can also seek their advice for how to best move forward.

Call for Backup

 Next, track down a reputable fire damage restoration professional in your area. Your best chance to fully rid your home of odors and soot is to hire professional cleaners. Until they arrive, however, there are steps you can take:

Cover the Basics

  1.  Don’t try to clean any household textiles yourself. This generally rubs the soot further into the fabric and worsens the problem.
  2.  Hang drenched carpets, curtains, clothes, etc. to dry as soon as possible, either outside or in front of fans and dehumidifiers. Also, open windows to allow for ventilation.
  3.  To guard against rust staining your wet carpet, place aluminum foil or wooden blocks between furniture legs and the carpet.
  4.  Use plastic covers to protect functional items while the rest of the house is being restored.

 What to Expect

When your professional restoration crew arrives, they will most likely deodorize your property using a special ozone treatment, which breaks up smoke molecules to banish odors. After that, restorers will tackle the structure of your home, removing smoke odor from pores in the walls, ducts, and vents.

In your search for the best carpet cleaning company in Southern Wyoming and Northern Colorado, call Rainbow International. Our fire and water damage restoration in Cheyenne and surrounding regions guarantees expert care in removing every last trace of fire damage from your home.

Remembering Memorial Day Fire Safety

Memorial Day is more than just coming together with friends and family for a day off work: it is an opportunity to remember the fallen heroes who have served our country. However, it is important to remember the basic fire safety tips about grilling that our heroes would want you to know.

First of all, before lighting up your grill each season, whether it be propane, gas, or a smoker, make sure that the grill is clean and ready to go. Check for any grease build-up that could create an undesired, out-of-control flare. Keeping your grill clear of this kind of accumulation will help protect you and your family from hazardous accidents.

Also, check the hose for leaks before using a propane grill; you can mix up a soapy water solution and rub it along the hose to check for bubbles. Bubbles indicate a leak in the hose, which should be serviced before using.

Secondly, familiarize yourself with the operating manual of your grill. If you have misplaced the paper copy of your manual, most manufacturers post operating manuals on their websites. You may be surprised how many incidents can be avoided just by taking a few moments to read the instructions, especially if you’re dealing with a brand new machine. Do not assume that a newer grill operates exactly the same way a decades-older grill worked.

In reading said manual, you will notice that the location of your grill is key. The manual should tell how many feet of distance you should place between your grill and any surrounding objects so as to avoid conflagration.

As always, make sure the area is clear of people or children or pets who may be congregating. Never leave the grill unmanned and always have a fire extinguisher handy.


These tips should help minimize risks of fire damage, but if you do experience any unfortunate events this Memorial Day season, do not hesitate to call Northern Colorado’s fire damage cleanup and professional cleaning crew, Rainbow International Restoration.

Are you about to put your house on the market?

Spring is the perfect time to show your house as everything starts blooming. But putting your house on the market also means house showings. This means that you need to start thinking about how to make your house look not only presentable but sellable!

Homes carry many years of creations and memories. This makes it hard for homeowners to let go of their home even while in the process of selling. Thus, the first step to making your house sellable is to disassociate yourself from it. This allows you to look at each room and that perfect living room layout objectively through the buyers’ eyes. Once you have mentally disassociated yourself from the home, you will be able to de-personalize and de-clutter every space. Remove personal artifacts and photos, cluttered corners and stacks of papers. This will prevent buyers from wondering what kind of people live in the home and instead have them thinking, “I can see myself living here.”

From the second a potential buyer drives up, they are already looking at the landscaping and exterior of the house. If the trim is faded, the lawn unkept and windows sagging, the potential buyer may already be checking you off their list before they even step instead. For this reason, instant curb appeal is crucial as it sets the tone for the rest of the walk-thru. Take the time to mow the lawn, pressure wash the sidewalks and exterior and paint any faded window trim. Potted flowers or hanging baskets will instantly cheer up any house.

Once they enter the home, potential buyers will be looking not only at the layout of the house but also the cleanliness of the house. You want to show the house at its top condition and this will require a thorough house cleaning. Make sure you vacuum daily, and dust all furniture, light fixtures and corners to completely remove any cobwebs. If your rugs are worn out, either replace them or get them professionally cleaned. If you’re keeping your furniture and curtains there during showings, it is a good idea to get a professional drapery and upholstery cleaning. You might also need a hard surface cleaning Longmont to take care of that dingy grout in the kitchen tiles and the showers.

If you’re looking for some Northern Colorado professional cleaning services, Rainbow International is the place to call! We can help make your house sparkle for a quick sell. While it may be hard to let your home go, a quick sell means that you can move into your new home even sooner to start making fresh memories.

4 Ways to Keep Pollen Out Of Your Home

Spring’s official arrival brings warmer, longer days and it sure has been pleasant across Northern Colorado! Unfortunately, that also means trees and plants are preparing for their first assault of pollen. This gives many people itchy-eyes, congestion and sneezing as the air is filled with pollen. If you’re allergic to mold as well, this is also the time of year when the airborne spores of mold begin to release. One thing that may help lessen the onslaught of allergies is to do what you can to shut the pollen and mold spores out of your home!

Keep doors and windows closed. It’s tempting to let the fresh, spring breeze through your house but that breeze is also full of pollen! Keep it from settling into your clothing and drapes by keeping the windows and doors shut.

If you’ve been outside, change clothes once you get home. Pollen sticks to any kind of fabric so changing clothes keeps it from spreading around your home. This is the same reason why we advise against hang-drying your clothes outside!

Shower before bed. Pollen and other allergens also stick to your hair and face. To save you from spreading that all over your pillow, wash it down the drain instead with a quick shower before bedtime. This may help you sleep better too!

Not sure what to do for spring cleaning? Focus on cleaning where allergens accumulate. This includes bedding, upholstered furniture, air filters, air ducts, draperies and carpets. Have you ever had your carpet professionally cleaned? This may be the perfect time to do so and Rainbow International has one of the top, IIRC certified carpet cleaning services Northern Colorado can offer. And while we’re out there, we can give you a Loveland duct cleaning as well! Give us a call today and we can help stop pollen from invading your home.

I need help with a Fort Collins fire damage cleanup!

A house fire is a terrifying experience. After the fire has been put out, do you still smell smoke? While you may think you can get rid of the lingering smoke odor yourself, what you don’t realize is that smoke penetrates and gets absorbed into building materials. Since smoke residue is acidic, over time it will corrode and stain surfaces permanently. This is why it is absolutely crucial to remove smoke smell in Longmont with Rainbow International’s professional fire restoration service. We can quickly stop the smoke damage and restore your home. Here are a few things you can do while you’re waiting for our quick arrival:

  • Contact your insurance agency to get a claim started.
  • Make a list of everything that has been damaged or need replacing – it helps to take pictures too.
  • Open all the windows and exterior doors.
  • Use a fan to circulate the air.
  • If there has also been water damage, check out this blog ( see what you need to do.
  • Remove all pets and young children to the outdoors or to cleaner environments.

Be assured that upon Rainbow International’s arrival, your upholstery, carpets, drapes, walls, trim and hardware will be professionally cleaned and all smoke odor will be permanently removed. You deserve to enjoy your home without the smell and side effects of smoke, so be sure to call us immediately!

It’s time for some Spring Cleaning

Spring is coming up quickly! Is it time to start some weekend, spring cleaning? Instead of trying to squeeze it into one weekend, it is easier to spend a couple hours each Saturday. Here are some simple spring cleaning to-do’s that can be done relatively quickly:

Organize the Closets

Is your bedroom closet full of old shoes and clothes you never wear? What about the coat or linen closet? Take the time to throw out what you haven’t used in a year, store winter coats and wipe down the dust in the linen closet.

Dust the Lightbulbs

Here’s something we never think about! Instead of buying new lighting, simply remove and dust your lightbulbs with a damp, microfiber cloth. If you have recessed lighting, use a telescoping lamb’s wool duster. You’ll be surprised how much brighter things become.

Clean the Windows

Cleaning windows can sound like a real chore, but it is much easier when you use a rubber-edged squeegee. Fill a bucket with warm water and a few drops of mild dish soap. Wet windows with this solution and then run your squeegee from the top to the bottom – just like how you would clean your car windshield.

Wash Blinds

Ever thought about the dust on your blinds? Use a dry sponge with a couple drops of gentle wood cleaner to wipe down the wooden blinds. For aluminum blinds, take them outdoors and scrub with water and a simple, noncorrosive cleaner. Make sure you dry the blinds to prevent rust. If you have curtains, contact us for your yearly drapery and upholstery cleaning.

Clean the Carpet

After a winter’s worth of mud and dirt, your carpets may need more than a simple vacuum. Make sure to employ Rainbow International’s professional cleaning services Greeley to start spring off with clean, fresh carpets!

Little Known Facts About Structure Fires

With an unusually warm and dry winter, the potential of summer fires in Northern Colorado is getting higher and higher. While there are precautions to take while out hiking or camping, have you thought about what to do to prevent fires in your home?

Kitchen Fires

Kitchen fires are one of the top causes of home fires and fire injuries. It may seem basic, but make sure your oven and stovetop are off when you leave the house!

Space Heaters

The misuse of heating equipment is the second top cause of structure fires. Make sure your space heater is on the floor and kept away from clothing, drapes, bedding and other flammable materials. And never use a space heater to dry your clothes.


Smoking not only causes fires but is the leading cause of civilian home fire deaths. Never smoke while lying down or relaxing and ensure that all smoking material is discarded properly in metal containers.

Fire Alarms

Did you know that working smoke alarms cut the risk of dying from a home fire in half? Check your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms routinely and replace batteries immediately when needed.

Fire Escape Plan

While we never want it to happen, it’s good to have a fire plan for your household. Determine a meeting spot that is outside the home, practice this plan and make sure you know how to contact your local emergency service system.

If this unfortunate event ever happens in your home, be sure to call Rainbow Restoration for your Fort Collins fire damage cleanup. Rest easy and let the experts carry out any water mitigation and restoration services needed. And in the meantime? Let’s hope for more precipitation to keep us fire-free this summer!

Struggling with what to get your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day?

After years of roses, chocolates and cheesy cards, it’s time to re-vamp your gift giving! Why not do something different and practical for your special someone? Finishing that long overdue project will reward them a lot longer than a box of chocolates. You can use one of our ideas or shoot, if you’re really romantic, do all five!

Clean out the garage

Does your other half get stressed every time they enter that chaotic, box-filled garage? Lower their blood pressure by getting rid of the things you never use and organizing the remainder.

Re-organize the closet

Is your walk-in closet full of clothes and shoes that you never wear anymore? Do you and your sweetie a favor by cleaning out everything you haven’t worn in the last year and donating it. This will leave room to organize the remaining clothes by color and season. Trust us, it’ll make getting dressed in the morning much easier!

Get the carpet professionally cleaned

Is your sweetheart complaining about how dull the carpet looks, no matter how many times you vacuum? Wow her with Rainbow’s professional carpet cleaning! You’ll be shocked to see how our hot-water extraction method will remove all those years of dirt and grime, leaving you a brand-new looking carpet.

Buy a new wall hanging

A simple way to freshen up your living room’s look is to put something new on the walls. Surprise your significant other with a new painting or tapestry! A large piece of artwork covering up the majority of the wall also makes for easier dusting.

Get the air ducts cleaned

Have you both been sneezing and experiencing heightened allergies? Save yourself from the misery and have a Longmont professional air duct cleaning. What better gift than the gift of fresh air?

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